We started this business together in 2008.  Jesse has a background in construction, mine (Christy’s) is in non-profit, and we both spent much of our youth working in the service industry. We found that these backgrounds created skills which complemented each other. I’m comfortable with the marketing and numbers side, and Jesse has the practical, on-site construction knowledge. An added bonus from our years in the service industry is a shared skill for organization and a shared love for human interaction.

We knew we needed our company to be values-driven. We believed that bringing the “always do the right thing” approach to renovations would allow us to engage in creative work and also feel we were living a life of love and contributing to our community.

As it turns out, this approach resonates not only with many families in our city, but also with trades, suppliers and staff!

Over the years we’ve pursued education and coaching to improve and evolve, to create systems and processes to back up our good intentions. We enjoy learning, evolving and building. We measure our success by the relationships that I Know A Guy creates with the people we work with and the people we work for.

We’re excited to start the conversation about your renovation and we look forward to bringing positive change to your home.