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Where the small things make all the difference

We like what we do and we are grateful that we get to do it. Why? Well, we want people to be comfortable living in their homes. More importantly, we want people to enjoy their renovation before, during, and long after it’s completed. This is the core truth of I Know a Guy Renovations since we formed in 2008.

Hi! We’re Christy and Jesse Switzer, founders and Project Managers of I Know a Guy Renovations. For over a decade, we’ve dedicated ourselves to building a home renovation company that operates by its values. We believe that by focusing on our clients, providing service excellence, complemented by systems, processes, and creative craftsmen, more Calgarians are able to love living in their homes. Guided by a desire to always do the right thing, we have created a community between our company, clients, trades, suppliers, and staff. Because of this, we tap into more knowledge, experience and education to help mitigate renovation risks for you!

A Memory. An experience.

A few more details about your home renovation company.

  • We are a cohesive and accountable team.
  • Our trades are experienced, friendly and dedicated to client service.
  • Clients are confident in our process and the clarity behind it.
  • Fixed pricing is an absolute must for us. No one really likes surprises.
  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • We like to laugh and have fun, but we always show up prepared and ready to work.

Ultimately, you need to trust that your comfort and safety are our priorities, every day. This is part of creating an enjoyable renovation experience, not just a beautiful design.

Guiding all renovations are strong core values, guided by our vision and mission.


Create clear, consistent experiences


Engage imaginations to discover custom beauty


Always do the right thing


Connecting individuals for a specific purpose


Approach all relationships with transparency


Building relationships and renovations centred on connection

Our Vision

Turning home visions into realities through impactful renovations.

Our Mission

We will build the most value-driven renovations, using the right talent, craftsmanship and processes, to inspire homeowners to fall in love with their home.

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A Few Words from Our Clients

From the pre-planning process, to the actual work, to the finished product, we felt like we were respected and supported. The fact that we love the end results is a bonus that we are enjoying every day in our home. As a family that sometimes finds decision making hard, it was great to be walked through the decisions, without being pushed into something that wasn't a reflection of us. To have our space respected and cared for, and a process that was clear and really shockingly not stressful. Thanks again!

Kristen Stringer 

Designed for the lifestyle you value; Delivered with the quality you deserve.

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