We have a network of experts and advisors that have helped us create a powerful little renovations company.   We thought you’d like to meet them so we’ve asked our trusted colleagues a few questions; some silly, some serious.

Meet Adam Jones, Owner of MaxGreen Windows, Doors & Exteriors

Adam Pic

IKAG:  Glamping or camping?

Adam:  Camping, but my wife loves glamping (well, trailer over tent anyway), so happy life wins out…

IKAG:  What do love most about what you do?

Adam:  Protecting homeowners from short term solutions that cost more in the long run. And being a part of an amazing work family.

IKAG:  What’s your favourite song right now?

Adam:  Twinkle Twinkle helps my 2 Year Old go to sleep so that’s a fave for sure!

IKAG:  How would you hire a contractor or specialty trade if you were not in the business?

Adam:  I would ask around my personal network for referrals, and check online reviews for independent feedback from fellow homeowners. I would also check on the BBB to ensure there are no unresolved customer complaints.

IKAG:  What’s your favourite sound?

Adam:  My sons laughing.

IKAG:  How would your friends describe you?

Adam:  Caring, sincere, adventurous

IKAG:  What was your first job?

Adam:  Winding wire coils and wrapping them with electrical tape, day in, day out, for what felt like years, but was only actually a summer.

IKAG:  What is the biggest mistake that a homeowner can make when choosing a renovation contractor?

Adam:  Choosing a contractor based on the initial bottom line quote price only, without fully planning out the renovation to suit their individual tastes. Failing to plan properly ahead of time, or choosing the lowest up front price often ends up costing more in the long run as low quoting, unorganized contractors often have to add a lot more costs later to make up for their poor planning up front, resulting in an end project that comes in much higher than the initial budget, and also higher than the well organized contractor quoted up front. Paying for quality and organized service up front means you only cry once! The same can be said for specialty trades as well. If you cannot afford to do it right the first time, what makes you think you can afford to do it twice?

IKAG:  What was the first thing you bought with your own money?

Adam:  Can’t recall the first thing overall, but the first big ticket item was a hockey jersey – my mom thought I was crazy to spend so much on a “shirt”!

IKAG:  What movie (or movie scene) always makes you cry?

Adam:  Anything where a child is hurt.

IKAG:  One word to describe  I Know A Guy?

Adam:  Trustworthy

IKAG:  One word to describe  your business?

Adam:  Integrity

IKAG:  Thanks Adam.

Learn more about Adam and his amazing team at www.max-green.ca.