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You have renovation questions - excellent! We would be worried if you didn’t. Below are a few frequently asked questions clients tend to ask. Don’t see your question? Connect with us and ask away. We’re here to make sure you are comfortable and certain of the magic about to happen.

Beginning to end, you are taken care of. Full-service means you only have to make one phone call for your entire residential renovation. From estimation to design through to construction and final home cleaning, we manage all the trades, coordinate schedules, ensure proper permits are in place, and so forth.

And you? You simply need to sit back, relax, and watch your home transform.

Renovating your home is an investment. It’s a big deal. This is why a conversation about your true needs, wants, and “nice to haves” is crucial to ensure that your budget and estimate are as closely aligned as possible. In our conversations, we can help adjust scope, within reason, to bring your project closer to a budget that realistically fits your vision.

Working around kids and pets is one of our favourite parts of a project! Remember – your family is not in the way of the renovation, they’re the reason for it and we want everyone to have a positive experience. Early in our process, we talk about how to work with your family, including the four-legged members, ensuring everyone remains safe and secure. Such conversations include:

  • How to keep the work area safe from curious children and critters,
  • Ways to enter the home to keep animals calm,
  • Detailing schedules so you know who is in your home and when, and
  • So on.

In our opinion, the best way to trust us is to speak to past clients. We encourage you to ask them direct questions about cleanliness, timelines, safety, comfort level, ANYTHING that is on your mind. We are happy to connect you to ensure our relationship starts on a foundation of trust.

Over and above connecting with past clients is recognizing that our systemized renovation process helps remove the stress of the unknown. With clearly defined steps, sub-trades, and communication systems outlines, we thoroughly plan and execute on every task. Checklists are our jam as they help to remove the fear of the unknown while planning for any hiccups along the way.

This is very much a preference question.

Regardless of the steps we take to make your reno as stress-free and sane a process as possible, you can expect disruption to your everyday routines. If an alternate living arrangement is feasible for your family, then by all means, moving out during the renovation can be a great option.

That said, moving out isn’t an option for everyone and one we work around on a regular basis. We are confident that we can work with you to create a plan that allows you to comfortably and safely stay in your house during the renovation.

We get it – dishes in the bathtub are never fun, even if there are bubbles.

For kitchen renovations, we can support you with setting up a secondary kitchen. While it may not be beautiful, relocating your fridge and setting up a temporary sink and counter can be a big help in giving you some normalcy throughout your reno.

As eager as homeowners are for their renovation to start – we are too – it’s crucial that we have all details ironed out before starting to avoid delays mid-project.

Starting before materials are available or without knowing all the design details is a recipe for more stressful reno and who wants that?!  Once we have all these items organized and we’ve prepared for success, a firm start date is confirmed. What’s important is that you remember how great it feels to watch your renovation unfold according to plan.

Unrealistic schedules always lead to frustration. With I Know A Guy’s planning process, we plan for reality and build your timeline right from the beginning. No guessing, no “typically,” only straight timelines.

Once we’ve been able to see your home and learn about your project, we’ll be able to provide a general sense of timing, providing more specifics as we move further through the planning process.

Absolutely! Every renovation includes design work. Listening to what you’re looking for, our designers translate your vision, ensuring everything is cohesive, functional and GORGEOUS! You’ll also receive the drawings and information needed to build your project exactly the way you want it, giving you greater comfort knowing that your idea will soon be your reality.

You heard right – it can be a bit confusing (sometimes headache-inducing). This is why we handle all permitting and schedule all inspections for you. Going right back to our definition of full-service, your permits and inspections are part of your residential renovation project.

No confusion for you, only enjoyment of the final renovation!

Designed for the lifestyle you value; Delivered with the quality you deserve.

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