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Make your space feel like your home with a residential contractor who customizes
services to your needs.

Tired of fitting your life into your home? You deserve better. You deserve to have your home fit your life. Even more, you deserve a low-stress, full-service renovation completed on time and on budget. From beginning to end, you deserve a residential contractor to walk beside you, providing clear insight, open communication, and guidance for a stunning, yet functional, renovation.

Transforming Your Space into Your Home

At I Know a Guy, we understand that your renovation is an investment in your life and something you look forward to. This is why we are committed to supporting all aspects of your renovation from beginning to end, starting with why you want to renovate in the first place. Regardless of your why and what you’re renovating, you will always receive:

  • Personalized and available service – this is about you!
  • Clarity and communication on your project status through a proven process
  • An accessible, safe, and clean house throughout the renovation
  • Details that are functional and beautifully designed
  • Honoured timelines and budget – what we say on day one is what you get at project completion!

Full-Service Renovations

The IKAG Process for Your Smooth Renovation

What makes a home renovation truly enjoyable? Of course the people (and our people are pretty awesome), but more importantly, it’s a solid plan and process! We know that you can’t plan perfection, but you can plan for reality to create an experience that ends in a gorgeous renovation done the way you want. Using this process and open communication ensures that you enjoy your renovation with ease and continue to love it long after we leave.

Phase I:Renovation Development

Hello & First Contact!

Know Your Numbers

Renovation Design

Refining Your Vision

Hello & First Contact!

It starts with a phone call to book an in-person new client meeting. During this meeting at your property, we gather your goals, vision and reason for renovating, along with other key details, such as measurements, pictures, and other custom preferences, to provide a qualified estimate, as well as to understand the timeline you’re looking at. This is just the beginning of earning your trust.

Phase II:Renovation Execution

Finalizing the Numbers

Renovation Begins

Finishing Touches

Final Walkthrough

Finalizing the Numbers

Providing the quote in person, we’ll walk you through the numbers based on the final design and refinements made from the initial estimate. Once approved, you’ll see all the planning efforts beautifully unfold before your eyes.

All the planning and service dedication behind our well-defined, cohesive process ensures that you’ll have an experience that turns your space into your lifestyle.

Ready to share your vision?We’re eager to listen!

A Few Words from Our Clients

From the pre-planning process, to the actual work, to the finished product, we felt like we were respected and supported. The fact that we love the end results is a bonus that we are enjoying every day in our home. As a family that sometimes finds decision making hard, it was great to be walked through the decisions, without being pushed into something that wasn't a reflection of us. To have our space respected and cared for, and a process that was clear and really shockingly not stressful. Thanks again!

Kristen Stringer 

Designed for the lifestyle you value; Delivered with the quality you deserve.

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