It’s been TEN GLORIOUS YEARS.  And I do mean glorious.  This business has given us so much.  Freedom to create and build based on our values.  Freedom to make time for our family.  It’s showed us our strengths and challenged us to get better every day.  It has cultivated incredible relationships.  Clients that have become friends, trades that feel like family, brilliant fellow business owners who remind us that the work is worth it.

My husband and I started this business together.  We’ve worked side by side for ten years and we still like each other.  That seems like a small miracle in itself.

We started this business with little idea of what it would actually take to make a go of it.  Thank goodness for that.  Had we known the work ahead of us, we may have talked ourselves out of it.  And what a shame that would be, to never have really gone for it. To never know this GLORIOUS life of building and creating and living on our own terms.

So here’s to ten glorious years. Ten behind us and so many ahead.

Deep gratitude to the many people who have helped us along the way, and who continue to support our business.

We love you and we thank you.

Gratefully Celebrating Ten Years in Business!
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