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Renovations don’t have to be dirty.  It’s reasonable to expect that the people working in your home will clean up after themselves.  It’s reasonable to expect that efforts will be made to reduce the dust and disruption that come along with a renovation.

We take this seriously.  For us, it all starts with site protection and dust containment.  The time we put in here always pays off.  But we had one very weak point in our containment and it was driving us nuts!

Renovations don’t have to be dirty.

It was the tarp doors.  Tarp doors are a great way to keep the dust from one floor, or one room, from travelling throughout the home.  But this door only works when it’s closed!  And standard tarp doors use zippers.


Imagine unzipping and re-zipping from floor to ceiling every time you need to go in your basement!  It just wasn’t happening.  Someone would walk through with their hands full of materials or laundry and the door would remain open.  No one meant to leave them open, but they were just so annoying and cumbersome to close.

And then it dawned on us.

Magnets!  Hands free!

You push it open and it closes on it’s own.

Check out the video on our facebook page.  A small but mighty innovation.

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