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This series has been all about the people we look to in building our business and creating a new (cleaner, happier, more organized) way to renovate.  And that series just wouldn’t be complete without my parents.  They are entrepreneurs through and through and we have looked to them for steady guidance over these last seven years.

Meet Debbie Fisher, Christy’s Mom and former Co-Owner of Sunset Printing Ltd and Fisher Home Inspections.

IKAG:  Glamping or camping?

Debbie:  Camping…in a motorhome.

IKAG:  Mom, we actually call that glamping.

Debbie:  Well, it’s not a very big motorhome.

IKAG:  What do love most about being retired?

Debbie:  Having time with family and time to slow down.

IKAG:  You and Dad built the businesses together…advise for those of us in business with our partner?

Debbie:  Don’t expect perfection, realize you’re not perfect.  Be kind in how you talk to each other, be kind in how you solve your problems.  Hug a lot.  And take breaks to run away and remember why you got married in the first place.  I used to tell your Dad, “Don’t scowl at me, that look doesn’t work on me”.

IKAG:  What is one thing that should be taught in school that isn’t already?

Debbie:  Budgeting and how to get by on your own.

IKAG:  What’s your favourite sound?

Debbie:  Water against a boat.

IKAG:  You built a successful printing business and raised some pretty fantastic kids…how did you manage it all?

Debbie:  We’d take breaks, play outside or go to the lake.   Sometimes we had to put things on the back burner and walk away.  The reason we do this is family, and sometimes we forget that.

And teach your kids to cook, clean, work in the darkroom and clean presses.  Train your kids to help.

IKAG:  How would your friends describe you?

Debbie:  A little bit crazy, willing to take on anything.

IKAG:  If you were a fictional character, who would you be?

Debbie:  A princess

IKAG:  I would not have guessed that.  You’re full of surprises mom.

What was the first thing you bought with your own money?

Debbie:  Dog food.

IKAG:  What? Why?

Debbie:  Cause we had a dog that was hungry.  Her name was Lady.

IKAG:  What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?

Debbie:  Playing on farm machinery.

IKAG:  I think they call that humble beginnings.  How did you make the leap into business…and stay in business?

Debbie:  Do your research, have a good idea of what you’re getting into.  Have a financial business plan, know your numbers and your target market.  Be open to leaving one product and moving to another when times change.  When photocopiers and then personal computers came out we had to change direction and find a new market.  Learn to be fluid.

One thing we loved…the people that are working with and for you, they’re people and they have families too.  Respect their families.  It will pay off.

IKAG:  What movie (or movie scene) always makes you cry?

Debbie:  We have quite a selection here.  Dirty Dancing.

IKAG:  If you could learn to do one thing, what would it be.

Debbie:  Waterski.  No, fly a fighter jet. IKAG:  Aren’t you afraid you’ll puke?

Debbie:  A little.

IKAG:   One word to describe  I Know A Guy?

Debbie:  Stupendous.

IKAG:  That’s a really great word.  Thanks Mom.

They are entrepreneurs through and through and we have looked to them for steady guidance over these last seven years.

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